Child Safeguarding Policy 

Summary Information


Garageland is committed to promoting the safety, welfare and protection of children in accordance with the standards set out in “Children First” (2011) and “Our Duty to Care” (2002).


If someone were to approach you (as one of the leaders of Garageland) with a concern about some aspect of child protection in the youth activities of Garageland, how should you respond? This brief note is to inform you of the persons who can help and the documents available to guide you on these matters.

Contact Person

Perhaps the most important item to remember is that there is a “CP Coordinator” for Garageland, to whom any concerns on Child Protection issues should be addressed. It is essential that such matters be referred only to her/him and not discussed with others. Any breach of confidential-lity may make it more difficult to deal with the matter in the appropriate manner.

Current CP Coordinator for Garageland:


Dermot Lambert


The Edge, Dublin 24


17 Springvale, Dublin 16




Policy Documents

All leaders should be familiar with Garageland’s Child Care Policy and Guidance document which includes instructions for dealing with allegations of child abuse, and an outline of the code of best practice for activities run at Garageland Events.

See overleaf for a summary of Garageland´s Child Care Policy and Guidelines.

Code of Good Practice

    • All activities are run following the highest professional standards in youth work
    • Have read Garageland´s Child Care document, know it and abide by it
    • Avoid taking risks and compromising situations:
      • Horseplay, hugging, contact games, expressions of excessive affection
      • Giving lifts to one child alone
      • Favouritism; excessive attention to one person
      • Conversations in private or in closed places
      • Changing and showering in common facilities
    • Proper planning of activities; including risk assessment
    • Keep records of attendance of children and leaders at every activity
    • Maintain appropriate leaders ratios (1 leader : 12 children)

Procedure for dealing with Disclosures

    • Record the conversation as soon as possible, in as much detail as possible
    • Sign and date the record
    • Explain and ensure that the child understands the procedures which will follow
    • Pass the information to the designated person or to the CP Coordinator
    • Treat the information confidentially, sharing it only with persons who have a right to hear it
    • If the child is at risk and it is not possible to contact the CP Coordinator the matter should be referred to the Gardaí immediately