The New Garage Gigs Series 1 – Launching in The Sugar Club Dublin 21st January 2016.

If you’re in an original band or you are a solo artist – if you play original music – if you want to play professionally run gigs, to large audiences, in nice venues, on weekend nights, AND get paid – contact us now.

We’re re-inventing The Wheel in 2016.

No, we really are – so you can tour with us too, in Ireland and The UK for starters.

It’s going to be an amazing year to be unsigned.

Call directly on 0877981311 or contact through this site.

Founded in 2000 by Dermot Lambert on return from touring the USA with Blink, Garageland is an independent body which caters for the needs of independent musicians and writers in Ireland. Drawing from 20 years of experience as a working musician, and a significant position of respect and trust within the Irish music industry, Garageland is all about teaching artists how to be truly independent, and how to sustain their own ability to make music on an ongoing and long term basis.

We run The Garage Gigs, and we’re making big plans for Autumn 2015. If you want to play, contact us here.

All of the following artists played their very first shows on The Garage Gigs  – The Script, The Immediate (Villagers), Niamh Crowther, Ham Sandwich, Kodaline, Royseven, Delorentos, Fight Like Apes, Ryan Sheridan, as well as thousands of other equally talented musicians and writers, who are not yet household names (yet).

The Garage Gigs are now legendary.

We design, produce, manage and direct some of the most exciting music programmes ever seen in Ireland, and our roster is unparallelled in Irish Music History. If you play original music, and if you’re serious, then you need to know about Garageland.


Royseven live at The Original IYMAs 2011 – First ever Garage Gig in 2006 (and even earlier as ‘Jove’)

Ham Sandwich announcing The IYMAs 2011 - First Garage Gig 2006

Ham Sandwich announcing The Original IYMAs 2011 – First Garage Gig 2006

Delorentos at The IYMAs 2010 - First Garage Gig 2002

Delorentos at The Original IYMAs 2010 – First Garage Gig 2002

The Script

The Script – first Garage Gig August 2007


New Music in Ireland

We run The Garage Gigs, over 2,000 dates so far – many have have copied us – but we are the original and still the best.

If you want to be big on Facebook, then we’re probably no use to you – if you want to gig and get heard, then there is nobody that can help you more.

We’ve worked with lots of artists who have gone on to be really famous. We’ve also worked with lots of artists who haven’t done that yet, but we are sure that they most likely will.

If you want to play The Garage Gigs contact us now.

Educational Programmes

Following on from our extremely successful and popular young people’s initiatives –

  • The IYMAs Irish Youth Music Awards – Designed by Dermot Lambert (CEO Garageland) in July 2007, and contracted to Youth Work Ireland from Sept 2007 to 2014. Dermot Lambert’s unique design and enthusiastic directorship enjoyed great support from within the Irish Music Industry during his tenure as Director. While Dermot Lambert’s Original IYMAs design is unique, it is in Open Copyright, and anybody is welcome to use the formula, which will be published as part of The Garageland re-launch in September 2015.
  • Garageland At The Grainstore – Extremely successful Programme designed for Dunlaoire Rathdown County Council 2011 – 2012.
  • Spring Chickens, The Big Sparkle & The Big Sparkle Shine On – Production assistance for CDYSB.
  • Garageland – The Band Camp – ongoing Summer Camp for young up and coming musicians – Best Fun Ever.