Garageland is a not for profit artist resource, specialising in supporting upcoming musicians of all ages and genres. Each of our 5 umbrella projects have unique support features which allow our artists to engage with their artistic journey at their own pace in a professional and welcoming environment.

The Garage Gigs

Gigs for Emerging Artists 18+ – Book your own gig on our automated booking system without any hassle or judgement, and progress your art at your own pace.

Our crew are friendly and professional, and we make it our mission to make sure you, the artist, have a great gig with us every time. We look forward to helping you and your music!

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Garageland Galaxyz

Garageland Galaxyz 2022 & 2023 - Strategic partnership with Creative Ireland – Supported by RTÉ. Garageland Galaxyz is for the new generation- The biggest ever Youth Music project designed by the Garageland Team – designed during some of the most challenging times in living memory – designed for this new Ireland – we believe in inclusion for all of Ireland’s young musicians – it’s A Safe Space To Shine!

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