The Garage Gigs – How it Works

The Garage Gigs is FREE service, which enables new and emerging artists to perform in a professional environment in professional venues, with direct links to many key opportunities.

Not only that, our unique system enables artists to control potential earnings, in a quantifiable and proven manner. All payments are made by EFT to artist bank account.

  • No venue hire fees – we only use quality venues on good nights
  • No backline hire fees – full backline supplied (drums, bass amp, 2 x gtr amps)
  • No staffing fees – Stage manager, sound engineer all inclusive
  • No PR fees – digital reach of  +30,000, radio show on RTE and online TV show, we’ve got you covered
  • No effort – unique automated hassle free online booking .
….here’s our top earners

So, you spend weeks trying to get through to a venue to book a show, then when you finally book a night (probably a wet Tuesday because you’re ‘new’) you set out to arrange other artists to play with you, hopefully to help with venue hire costs, and maybe they can drag a few mates along too, then you set about your promo, which consists of telling everybody in your class, or work, or college that you’re doing a gig, and maybe some mates, and then of course you’ll Instagram it (because that will work – not) then, on the big day you drag along your backline to the venue, wishing you had a decent drumkit and a half decent amp or two – you pay the van guy who’s an hour late and who says he can’t collect it later, and then you soundcheck, open the doors and …. play to your mates (although only a few of them, because they forgot you had a gig) etc etc … sound familiar?

Artists playing The Garage Gigs don’t have to worry about any of those issues.

Book Your Own Garage Gig

Please Note; If you are under 18, we will need to speak to a parent, guardian or appropriate supervising adult in relation to Garage Gigs booking.

From ‘Garage Gigs Dates’ –  look for any date that has a vacancy (wherever you see ‘TBA’ is our secret code to artists so you can see which slots are available) and pick the date and the slot that you want. You pick your own slot, not us, YOU decide.

Headline Slot – 40 mins (there are 2 Headline Slots per Garage Gig)

Special Guest Slot – 30 mins

Opening Act Slot – 25 mins

Then fill in the contact form with your preferred date & slot – we will then get back to you personally.

Playing to crowds – How we help you to achieve this.

We will always provide you with a great venue on a great night, with top class backline, stage crew, sound engineer.

– we’ll include you on all of our (very effective) PR material and media releases – we’ll provide everythingfor you so that your Garage Gig experience is both easy and incredibly enjoyable…

…but there is the one thing we can’t do….

…we cannot bring people to these shows. We can do everything else for you, but this is where we help you to help yourself.  We don’t expect any artist to bring hundreds of people to these shows – quite frankly if you could do that you wouldn’t need us in the first place.

Instead we say to you, the artists  ‘Would you like to headline a top class venue on a great night?’  If the answer is YES, then we say  ‘Ok, can you bring 40 people to your headline show?’  That’s all. Nothing else. If a Headline Slot is not for you right now, then choose a Special Guest Slot or an Opening Act Slot – either way you’ll be treated like royalty and will still be in line for rewards and incentives, not to mention a great gig!

Hey, we even get you a crowd to play to (because the other acts you’ll be playing alongside are doing the same as you, hey presto, you’re playing in front of actual audiences and not just your mates!).

It’s simple and it’s attainable. And you can make a few bob too.

All slots have Ticket Targets, easily attainable to most artists, which create earnings and a crowd to play to.

Headline Slot – 40 Ticket Target

Special Guest Slot – 30 Ticket Target

Opening Act Slot – 20 Ticket Target

NOTE; On bigger shows these targets may be different – it will be clearly stated on the site wherever this is the case.

Getting paid. On hitting your chosen Ticket Target you will receive payment of 18% of your ticket sales back. Every ticket above your Ticket Target earns you 40% cash back. The higher you go the bigger the percentage you’ll earn back (see Top Earners above).

In plain English? – If you select a Headline Slot and sell 70 tickets, you will earn €192.00 – here’s how…. 40 tix (target) @18% = €72.00 plus 30 tix (beyond target)@ 40% = €120.00 giving you a total of €192.00 – the more you sell, the more you earn, it’s as simple as that (remember, everything else is done for you, so no hiring equipment, no hiring venues, no hiring vans, no paying door staff – we do it all).

We recommend you aim to have 30% of your target hit within the first 10 days of booking your Garage Gig (when you receive your Ticket Link from us), this will help you with momentum to complete your target on time and to ensure you have a great night on your Garage Gig.

Ticket Targets will need to be hit three weeks prior to your Garage Gig date in order for your Garage Gig to be confirmed and to earn cash.

From Autumn 2017, online ticket sales will always be cheaper than door ticket sales, and artists will receive payments based only on online ticket sales – this is to encourage your fans to support you by engaging with the online process ahead of your show, instead of promising to support you, and then not showing up!

All payments are made by online banking within 24 hours of your show to your nominated Bank account.

Would you like a load of free Promo too?

As part of our service, we promote all of our shows across a variety of platforms, including this website, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and on our own very substantial press and PR networks – we always suggest you Google your act after you’ve booked with us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Set up your own page (It takes 3 minutes) from which we’ll use your images for promo material and songs for consideration on the RTE 2XM show.

If you need more info or would prefer to talk to us, there are many ways to talk to us here

When and where do The Garage Gigs happen?

Always in nice venues, and always on good nights. Currently in Dublin City, South Dublin, Cork, Limerick, The UK (London), expanding out around Ireland, and started in London since July 2016. Just keep an eye on the site.

The Garage Gigs – What do you have to bring? What time do you need to be there?

We supply top class drumkit, bass amp and two guitar amps, as well as looking after all venue, sound engineer, stage managing requirements. You show up at sound check time (usually 6pm) for a professional and respectful sound check, which we insist that all of our artists are entitled to, and after soundchecking, you take a break and wait for your stage call time. These times are always adhered to, your set length will depend on the slot you’ve chosen, and you can relax in the knowledge that you will not experience any last minute changes to these time slots. If you are booked to play 45 minutes, then you will play 45 minutes – we are especially protective of the space you need to display your work.

Time slots are usually as follows, and will only vary in certain circumstances, depending on special instances such as venue curfews or afternoon shows – any exceptions to these time slots will notified at time of booking your date.

Doors 7.45pm

Opening act 8.15 – 8.40 (25 minute set)

Special guest 8.50 – 9.20 (30 minute set)

Headline Act 9.30 – 10.10 (40 minute set)

Headline Act 10.20 – 11.00 (40 minute set)

Headline Acts 40 minutes, there are two headline slots on each Garage Gig, and the running order of these will be decided by flipping a coin at soundcheck unless otherwise pre-arranged with consent of both headline acts. Special guest slot is 30 minutes. Opening act slot is 25 minutes. All with 10 minute changeover added on as extra time. Encores must be built into your own time.

The Catch!

There’s no catch -sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons, this is one of those times – Book now!

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