Garageland is an artist resource organisation, working with and providing opportunities for musicians of all ages, genres, cultural backgrounds and genders.

We work in partnerships with youth organisations, Creative Ireland, RTE, IMRO, numerous independent schools and youth clubs / projects and city councils, county councils.

Our artist payment policy across our many projects is in line with Arts Council best practices principles, always with the artist first. We are always open to review and / or comments on potential improvement of our services to the artists and workers withing the arts resources.


The Garage Gigs is a FREE artist resource, which enables new and emerging artists to perform in a professional environment in professional venues, with direct links to many key opportunities. There are no costs involved, hidden or otherwise. This project enables artists to book their own dates and to control their audience and income through ticket sales.

Garageland is a not for profit artist resource. All earning from ticket revenues goes towards artist fees and direct gig costs.

Not only that, our unique system enables artists to control potential earnings, in a quantifiable and proven manner. All payments are made by EFT to artist bank account. From May 2019 all artists are awarded commission upon reaching online Ticket Sales of just 20 tickets, with increased commissions as ticket sales go up.

  • No venue hire fees – we only use quality venues on good nights
  • No backline hire fees – full backline supplied (drums, bass amp, 2 x gtr amps)
  • No staffing fees – Stage manager, sound engineer all inclusive
  • No PR fees – digital reach of  +30,000, radio show on RTE and online TV show, we’ve got you covered
  • No effort – unique automated hassle free online booking .

Garageland has proven immensely popular with emerging artists, and we regularly see artists (and venues) returning, which means a lot to us. We monitor our service, and all feedback is noted. We aim to provide a great gig experience where artists get to play to a crowd on a gig that feels like it really matters. We don’t do midnight shows, you won’t be playing to nobody when the last bus has gone, and you’ll be made to feel like your efforts matter, because they do.

The Garage Gigs are run to a pragmatic and practical formula, which enables emerging original artists to play
1. In quality venues with quality equipment and crew.
2. On priority nights (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays)
3. To capacity audiences
4. For money – See Ticket Targets & Commission below.

Book Your Own Garage Gig – Instantly. No waiting for calls back, no leaving messages for weeks on end.

  1. Go to ‘Dates’ page on this site
  2. Select the Venue / Date / Slot – (available slots are marked ‘TBA’)
  3. Click ‘TBA’
  4. You will be guided through our very simple booking process.

Please Note; If you are under 18, we will need to speak to a parent, guardian or appropriate supervising adult in relation to Garage Gigs booking.

You pick your own slot, not us, YOU decide.

Headline Slot – 40 mins (there are 2 Headline Slots per Garage Gig)
Special Guest Slot – 30 mins
Opening Act Slot – 25 mins

PLAYING TO CROWDS. How we help you to achieve this.

So, we’ll get you into a great venue, on a great night, using top class equipment, with the help and supervision of our amazing Garageland Crew.

Now how do we get you in front of a crowd? We will help you to do this too.

We build unique Marketing Pages, and each artist works to a small Ticket Target to make these shows work (See Ticket Target System below). Marketing Pages are shared with your Fanbase, Friends and Family – using your own photos and artist story, embedded within a professional press release, and we help you to reach out and get actual real people to your shows.

Why Use A Ticket Target System?

It allows us to plan ahead, and to make sure that artists are all playing on an equal playing field. Venues take us seriously, artists take us seriously. The ticketing system fills venues and earns artists money. It’s fair, easy and pragmatic. It’s allowed Garageland to produce 100 sold out shows across many venues over 30 months, with many many happy musicians. The targets are small – try it.

Our model has shown that when artists engage with their fanbase in this manner, then the fanbase responds to the more professional approach, and supports the artist.
And then you find yourself playing to audiences and getting paid.

1. It allows you to see in advance that your gig is selling, and that your fanbase is engaging with your online campaign – it’s very encouraging to know that your audience has supported you ahead of Gig Night with pre-sales.
2. You will know that the other acts on the night are working with the same criteria, so you’ll be playing in front of new audiences.
3. The artist gets paid commission on ticket sales, with no upper limit on earnings. Commission paid is 18% on reaching Target, and a whopping 40% for all tickets sold beyond target.

All Artist payments are made by EFT within 14 days of performance.

We don’t expect any artist to bring hundreds of people to these shows – quite frankly if you could do that you wouldn’t need us in the first place.

Would you like to headline a top class venue on a great night?
Could you bring 40 people to a headline show? Book a Headline Slot – 40 Tickets
Choose a Special Guest Slot – 30 Tickets
Choose an Opening Act Slot – 20 Tickets

Other Important Stuff

Garageland is fully GDPR compliant. All your details are stored safely on our site which is hosted in the EU. We do however from time to time send mails letting our artists know what we are up to.

You are free to unsubscribe from those at any time using the Unsubscribe option on the email.




Helpful Hints / Guidelines / Getting Paid


  1. We recommend you aim to have 20% of your target hit within the first 5 days of booking your Garage Gig (from when you receive your Ticket Link and confirmation email from us), this will help you with momentum to complete your target on time and to ensure you have a great night on your Garage Gig, playing to a great crowd.
  2. We further recommend you aim to have 50% of your target hit as soon as possible after this – experience has shown that early momentum very often leads to Target-Bashing ticket sales, which in turn leads to both a great audience and of course great commission payments (see Top earners above).
  3. FAQ – What happens if we don’t hit Ticket Target? Don’t Panic!! We will always work with artists who are genuinely engaging with the spirit of the Garageland project – we can see all online activity, and if we see you work we will work with you. In certain instances it may be deemed for a show to be postponed or cancelled altogether if ticket sales targets are not being met (we will not put artists on to an empty house).
  4. If we see an artist simply not engaging with their online promo, we may recommend that artist move to a more suitable date.
  5. Payments are made upon hitting Online Ticket Target.
  6. Getting paid.On hitting your chosen Ticket Target you will receive payment of 18% of your ticket sales back. Every ticket above your Ticket Target earns you 40% cash back. The higher you go the bigger the percentage you’ll earn (see Top Earners). Please note; artist commissions will be paid from online ticket sales only – if people say they will ‘pay on the night’ these sales will not count towards artists’ revenue – this is to encourage online accountable transparent pre-sales.
  7. In plain English?– If you select a Headline Slot and sell 70 tickets, you will earn €192.00 – here’s how…. 40 tix (target) @18% = €72.00 plus 30 tix (beyond target)@ 40% = €120.00 giving you a total of €192.00 – the more you sell, the more you earn, it’s as simple as that (remember, everything else is done for you, so no hiring equipment, no hiring venues, no hiring vans, no paying door staff – we do it all).
  8. Online ticket sales will always be cheaper than door ticket sales, and artists will receive payments based onlyon online ticket sales – this is to encourage your fans to support you by engaging with the online process ahead of your show, instead of promising to support you, and then not showing up!
  9. You will receive a Garageland Payment Notice by email and payment will be made to your bank IBAN. This usually happens within 5 working days of your Garage Gig.

Would you like a load of free Promo too?

Join us for our very own live radio show Garageland on RTE 2XM every Monday night from 7 – 9pm, where we play tracks from Garageland artists in a fun and engaging show with listenership figures between 2 and 5 million.

With a very significant online reach through our platforms, and great goodwill from national press, your artist profile will be enhanced considerably by your joining in on the Garageland fun.

Follow us on Youtube while we launch Garageland TV in association with Sound Training College and The Button Factory.

Garageland is a Nationwide project, bringing opportunities to emerging artists all over Ireland – Join us!

When and where do The Garage Gigs happen?
Always in nice venues, and always on good nights.

Dublin – The National Concert Hall / The Button Factory / INDY City (All Ages Summer Festival Dublin City Centre) / The Sound House / Drop Dead Twice / The Grand Social / Cork – Crane Lane Theatre / London – The Islington / Drogheda – McPhails / Kilkenny – Hacketts  / Dundalk – The Spirit Store

The Garage Gigs – What do you have to bring? What time do you need to be there?

Once you’ve booked your Garage Gig slot, our tech team will reach out to you and guide you all the way to your gig, so that all of your tech requirements are addressed.

With thanks to MusicMaker we provide top class backline (drumkit, bass amp and two guitar amps), as well as looking after all venue, sound engineer, stage managing requirements. We make this as easy as possible for you, the artists, so that you can concentrate on enjoying your performance.

Load-in times, sound-check times, stage times will all be provided to you in plenty of time ahead of your Garage Gig by our friendly and efficient, and dare we say SUPER Garageland Tech Crew.

Time slots are usually as follows, and will only vary in certain circumstances, depending on special instances such as venue curfews or afternoon shows – any exceptions to these time slots will notified at time of booking your date.

Doors 7.45pm

Opening act 8.15 – 8.40 (25 minute set)

Special guest 8.50 – 9.20 (30 minute set)

Headline Act 9.30 – 10.10 (40 minute set)

Headline Act 10.20 – 11.00 (40 minute set)

Headline Acts 40 minutes, there are two headline slots on each Garage Gig, and the running order of these will be decided by flipping a coin at soundcheck unless otherwise pre-arranged with consent of both headline acts. Special guest slot is 30 minutesOpening act slot is 25 minutes. All with 10 minute changeover added on as extra time. Encores must be built into your own time.

The Catch!

There’s no catch -sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons, this is one of those times – Book now!