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Garageland – Much More Than A Promotion Company

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Our system earns cash for original artists on brilliant gigs – here’s our top earners


Garageland is named after a song by The Clash from their 1977 debut album.

My name is Dermot Lambert. I am the owner and Managing Director of Garageland.  I use my vast experience in the world of music creation, production, performance and business to create programmes to help musicians. I am the creator of The Garage Gigs and 7 Steps Up /  The Irish Youth Music awards, as well as several other key music programmes in Ireland, which are designed to help musicians to help themselves.

I am lucky enough to have had some great experiences as a musician and a songwriter / performer, as well as some very challenging experiences – and I have used my extensive set of experiences to build realistic programmes, with realistic expectations, that you modern musicians (I’m guessing it’s mostly musicians reading this) can use to your benefit – if you want you.

This page is to explain in-depth the workings of and reasoning behind The Garage Gigs particularly – The Garage Gigs started in August 2000, and to date there have been approx 2,100 Garage Gigs – some well know acts performed all of their first shows on The Garage Gigs – these artists include The Script, Delorentos, Ham Sandwich, Royseven, Ryan Sheridan, Fight Like Apes, The Immediate (Villagers), Kodaline, Niamh Crowther…..

The Garage Gigs – designed to assist new original musicians to get gigs, and to get paid. Good gigs on good nights in good venues. Gigs that will inspire musicians to stay together long enough to do another gig. And then another. And then another again. Most bands and artists who play on The Garage Gigs come back and play with us again and again – proof of the trust we inspire.

The Garage Gigs are designed with complete transparency, we have been running these gigs for 16 years, and we have been asked every imaginable question about how we do things – and we welcome that.

What we do on The Garage Gigs

  • We book various good quality venues on good nights – Whelans, Workman’s Club, Grand Social, Sugar Club – these kinds of places. We are currently booking outside of Dublin and into The UK also.
  • We provide quality backline (drumkit, bass amp, 2 x guitar amps) complete with stage manager, sound engineer and any other staff needed to make an artist have a good gigging experience.
  • Even though we do absolutely everything else for you – the one thing we cannot do is bring people to these gigs – no matter how hard it might hurt you to hear this, most people don’t go to see a band or artist they’ve never heard of – it’s actually hard enough to get someone to listen to a single track by an original artist (probably downloaded for free or streamed), never mind expecting someone to get on a bus and go and pay in to see a whole set of a band they’ve never heard of. Would you? Do you? (the highest possibility is that you don’t).
  • As a musician I have had the amazing experience of playing in front of huge audiences of over 10,000 people in the likes of Wembley Arena, as well as the soul-destroying experience of playing to absolutely nobody on a wet Dublin tuesday, so I know how important it is to get your music to an actual audience, and I know how damaging and frustrating it is when you think you’re being ignored or not being taken seriously – an important part of the success of these shows is that we get our artists in front of crowds, so you can watch your music come alive.
  • We have however, created a unique system to help you do this, whereby you can make money (sometimes substantial amounts of money) and which will put you in front of an actual audience of actual people in a real venue on a good night.
  • All the time bearing in mind that you don’t have to cover any venue costs, sound engineer costs, stage managing costs or promo costs, and you also don’t have to bother bringing your own backline (drums, amps, bass amps), saving hundreds of euro comparing to booking your own show– it’s no wonder artists love us, and come back again and again.
  • We then set about promoting your show for you on our very extensive PR network – our listings and press releases are regularly covered in media outlets such as Hot Press Magazine (partners), 2FM, Spin 103.8, PureM, 2XM, not to mention the many online outlets and music industry organisations (IMRO, RAAP, IRMA) who support our efforts on your behalf.
  • We assure that all of our artists are given adequate soundcheck.
  • We assure that all of our artists are given their allotted stage time – we don’t run early and we don’t run late (we never have the situation where one of our artists is going on stage late, while their crowd is running for the last bus – we don’t allow it and we don’t do it).
  • Plainly and simply we provide a great and unusual service for new and original artists which allows you to have great gigs on great nights in great venues, with great advance PR and promo, and which allows you the opportunity to earn money for your efforts if you want to.
  • We treat our artists like valued customers, and we are very keen that you have a great experience with us, because we respect what you do, and we want you to come back and gig with us again and again.
  • If you’re happy and the venue is happy, then we’ve done our job.

Dermot Lambert

Founder and Managing Director of Garageland

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