Garageland is named after a song by The Clash from their 1977 debut album.

We are an independent music resource, primarily for modern music, but not exclusively.

Our ethos is one of transparency and fairness, with equal opportunity to all musicians across all ages, genres and genders.

We’ve helped launch the careers of some of Ireland’s most popular acts as well as thousands you’ve quite likely never heard of.

Garageland started way back in August 2000, with a handful of Garage Gigs in a venue called Eamon Dorans, which had previously been a venue called The Rock Garden.

The idea was to re-ignite the live music scene in Dublin, as it had almost disappeared altogether, with Boybands & Girlbands ruling the airwaves.

Fast forward 21 years to a very different situation.

Original Garageland founder Dermot Lambert re-launched the central Garageland Project in Feb 2016, having designed and Directed The Irish Youth Music Awards in the previous 10 years, amid a variety of other national projects for emerging musicians.

Supported by RTE Radio, The Irish Daily Star, Hot Press Magazine, The Arts Council of Ireland, Sound Training College, and a host of recording studios and retailers nationwide, Garageland is now the fastest growing service for emerging artists in Ireland, with regular Garage Gigs in over 10 locations nationwide.

We work with musicians of all ages, from our INDY City collaborations with City of Dublin Youth Service Board to our ‘Folk-Land’ shows.

We have a popular regular Monday evening radio show on RTE ‘Garageland on RTE 2XM with Dermot Lambert’, which features 2 hours of brand new music.

We’ve created the first ever Automatic Booking Engine for emerging artists to book their own shows with ease (see Book Your Gig).

We have begun the process of expanding the project and the network into the UK.

If you are in a band, or if you are an original artist of any genre, gender or age, please feel free to hop on. Garageland is for you.